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I’m an experienced NJ Appeals attorney that specializes in civil appeals. With a proven track record of success, my firm can help you evaluate and win your New Jersey appeal. We’re here every step of the way. 

Even judges get it wrong. There’s something you can do.


Like many people, I grew up thinking every judge was a legal genius who knew everything about the law; who worked tirelessly to understand the facts; and who would always get it right in the end. But in 15 years as a lawyer, I’ve learned otherwise. The truth is that, although most judges are very good, some aren’t. And even the best judges struggle with enormous workloads, the complex facts of your case, ambiguous laws, and strict deadlines. The result is mistakes. Lots of them. In fact, the number of mistakes made by judges has been the biggest — and scariest — surprise of my career.

Luckily, the New Jersey Appellate Division exists to fix the mistakes made by lower-court judges. And it does a wonderful job. But as good as it is, it ends up fixing only a portion of the mistakes that are made. And that’s for two reasons. First, most people don’t understand that they can appeal, so they never bother. Second, many of the people who appeal don’t pick the right lawyer. Make no mistake: filing appeals is specialized work. You need a lawyer who is a great writer and researcher because those are the skills that matter most on appeal. And of course, you need someone who has handled enough appeals to know which arguments will appeal to appellate judges.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve represented clients in many different successful appeals and defenses before the Appellate Division and Supreme Court. Those cases include:

Lynx Asset Services v. Bowers (App. Div. 2020) (win, Affirmed)

Greening v. Levine (App. Div. 2018) (win, Reversed)

Lynx Asset Services v. Minunno (App. Div. 2017) (win, Affirmed)

Lynx Asset Services v. Delacruz, (App. Div. 2016) (win, Affirmed)

Lynx Asset Services v. Ferraro (App. Div. 2014) (win, Affirmed)

Arroyo v. Investor’s One Corp. (App. Div. 2014) (win, Reversed)

Spinelli v. Echeverry (App. Div. 2012) (win, Reversed)

M.C. v. J.J.C. Jr. (App. Div. 2010) (win, Affirmed)

Ferolito v. Park Hill, 408 N.J. Super. 401 (App. Div. 2009) (win, Reversed)

Innovative Engineering Inc. v. Henderson (App. Div. 2008) (win, Reversed)

Gruppo Editoriale Oggi Inc. v. Bonaro (App. Div. 2008) (win, Reversed)

If you received an unsatisfactory result in court, you need a lawyer to review your case immediately—to find out whether mistakes were made; to find out what those mistakes are; and to learn what can be done to fix them before it’s too late

Appeals have Short Deadlines—Act Fast!

You have a very limited time to appeal. In New Jersey, appeals from final judgments and orders must typically be filed within 45 days. And appeals from interlocutory orders (orders that don’t end the case) must typically be filed within 20 days. So you must move quickly. Don’t waste time! Call me today and let’s start working together to turn things around.

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Whether you’re involved in a business dispute, commercial litigation, a trust-and-estate issue, or want to file an appeal, I will bring years of legal experience and tenacious advocacy to resolve your matter.

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I have achieved millions of dollars in settlements,  awards, and jury verdicts for my clients. And I’ve won 10 cases in the court of appeals.


Specializing in several areas of law gives me wide-ranging experience to handle your case. I’m a negotiator, litigator, and skilled legal writer  who will vigorously pursue litigation or settlement based on your best interests.

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Clients receive personal attention start to finish. You’ll meet with me, not a paralegal or junior attorney. I pride myself on my timely communication, which is something you won’t always get from larger firms.

Frequently Asked Questions

An appeal asks a higher court to review your case and determine whether the lower court made a mistake in handling your matter.
It depends. Sometimes the lawyer who represented you when you lost is also the right lawyer to handle your appeal. But most times, the case will benefit from a fresh set of eyes and a lawyer who understands the nuances of an appeal.
Yes. Typically, you have 45 days to appeal a final order or judgment and 20 days to appeal an interlocutory order. This is also true for matters involving an agency decision. After this period has passed, you will need to file a motion for an extension, but the maximum extension is typically
Appeals are billed on an hourly basis. The number of hours required depends on the size of the record and the number of hours expended.

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Whether you’re involved in a business dispute, commercial litigation, a trust-and-estate issue, or want to file an appeal, I’ll put over a decade of legal experience to work for you.